A Little Reminder….


fullsizeoutput_67d9In light of  COVID19 and the state of the world, I’m sure, like me, it has caused you to pivot. I was seeing post after post and tweet after tweet about “the book I should be writing, how productive I should be, etc”, but in all honesty, I’ve been finding it very hard to be productive these days.

As an Event Producer (amongst other things), the cancellation of all my events in one swoop got the best of me, even more than I was willing to admit.

This morning, just as the rain was clearing out, I was once again motivated…just like that. There was nothing that really changed my thinking, I simply remembered one fact. Despite the state of the world and my circumstances, I’m resilient and am empowered with #bouncebackability.

This too will pass and when the outside is open again…I will be ready.

#inspiration #encouragement #piperknowsitall #grit

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