Small Business Consultant, Brand Strategist, Influencer, Digital Marketing Creative, and Snark Aficionado

Kennetta is recovering people pleaser, empty nester, and eternal soul searcher, earned a MS in Mental Health Counseling and a BS in Broadcast Journalism.

Through her work first in Corporate America, and then through Education (teaching, counseling and consulting), the non profit sector and finally as an Entrepreneur, she has developed an extensive background in project management, program development, brand strategy, digital marketing and event production. However, her greatest “claim to fame” is being mother to three of the best gifts from God.

Kennetta serves as Brand Strategist, Consultant, and Event Producer for her firm and for many events in Austin and throughout the US, including SXSW, film festivals, and music festivals.

Her “minds spins differently”!

Also, check out her other blog/website:  https://theothersideofmotherhood.wordpress.com/2018/03/27/the-other-side-of-motherhood/

#thebirthingpoint #theothersideofmotherhood #beautifulpeoplebeautifulthings

kpiper@thebirthingpoint.com 830.499.1172

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