Just Jump In


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I remember the first time I learned how to double dutch.  It was Summer in DC and was hanging out with my cousins in front of the family store.  I was young and wanted to do what my older cousins were doing.  So, I begged nonstop until they taught me the basics of how to double dutch.

Now, double dutch is a little harder than it seems because you have to navigate the rhythm and timing of two ropes and not just the ropes but the people that are turning the ropes.  That Summer, I was relentless until I learned how to be as good as my cousins were.

Double Dutch is a game in which two long jump ropes turning in opposite directions are jumped by one or more players jumping simultaneously

I’ve recently realized that I’ve been in sort of professional slump.  Like not motivated..AT ALL. Business was happening and I was a part of it but I was always trying to mange my energy level about whatever project I was working on.

When I thought about it, it was kind of like I was waiting for the right moment to “jump in”, just like you would do if you were determine the best time to jump in when doing double dutch.  If you jump in at the wrong time, you run the risk of being entangled with not just one but two ropes and the teasing, laughter and sometime frustration from those that are turning the rope.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for nearly 3 years and while I’ve hit lulls and low moments of motivation, I will be honest, it’s been nothing like this and surely not for thing long.  I’ve looked online and tried to find motivation and inspiration from a variety of sources and while I’ve seen a spark, nothing has stuck.

So, lately I’ve been intentional about just simply taking it one day at a time.  I set my intentions for the day the night before and when I awake, I remind myself of TODAY and today only.  With this “strand” of “unmotivationnessness”, I’ve learned to be gentle with myself and to not think to far in advance and just take it moment by moment.

I’ve done small things like started working out again, reading more, trying to write more and just take note of the joy sparks that I see when I see or read something. (By note, I mean a LITERAL note or screenshot of the thing and then really think about why that sparked joy in me.  So, I guess I’ve low key Marie Kondo’d the motivation in my life.

I’ve learned a valuable lesson….just jump, even if it is off the curb.



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