I Am That I Am: I Am Freedom

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving” — Albert Einstein

I am FREEDOM! I know that isn’t grammatically correct but I meant what I said and said what I meant. I wish I could begin at a place that makes sense about what has been going on with me since I last logged in to write a blog post. Perhaps one day I will tell the story but today, I’m focused on FREEDOM…MY freedom.

Freedom these days looks different than what it meant to me even six short months ago. I thought I understood some things better and I knew more things but honestly, I’ve learned that freedom is on my terms. This is less for me about what people think about me and more about what I think about myself.

I hadn’t realized it but I’ve been in this self imposed state of stuck. I was moving forward but I allowed wounds and me not completely forgiving myself for certain things that caused me to stand still, sometimes even afraid to move. The times that I did move, especially in some areas of my professional life, I would feel like my legs weighed a ton. A few months ago, that all ended. I got back on the “bike” again and it felt like I had never left.

My freedom hasn’t come without challenges or event setbacks but I can say that my freedom has allowed me to reset and bounce back a lot quicker than I have I the past and for that I’m grateful.

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